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Cherokee (XJ) 6 Inch Gas Tank Lift
* Retain stock fill
* Retain stock appearance
* Also raised the Rear Upper Shock Mounts for longer travel shocks (can raise lower shock
mounts on axle)
* Compare to Stock Gas Tank Height
Fabrication Pictures
Axle Housing Shortening.
* Cut to desired length
* Dana 60 Kingpin / Ball Joint Knuckle comparison
* Knuckles can be pressed back on to tube or internally sleeved.
* Axles can be shortened, Pumpkins can be moved from one side of the truck to the other, or
converted into rear steer axle (can be locked out for future use)
Axle Housing Shaving
* You always need more ground clearance tired of hanging up the diff?
* A Dana 60 shaved about 1" similar to stock Dana 44 Housings.
* The bottom is plated and an extra threaded bung is added.
Diff Cover
* Shaved your axle now you need a custom diff cover.
* Notice the cover is extended to the bottom of the diff with recessed bolts. The cover works
like a ramp, recessed bolts stay protected.
* This ended up being more work then expected next time I will modify an existing cover.
Double Rear Wheel Hubs To Single and Steering Stops
* Single Rear Wheel Hubs are harder to find and often more expensive
* Cut of the front flange and resurface the rear portion and drill out for SRW studs.
* Revers side steering stops (so one on front and back of knuckle) are easy to install and can
save you from over steering your joint if a tie rod is to bend or break ore even flex.
Transfer-Case Clocking/Rotating
* Built a jig from a broken T-case
* Rotate the jig to the desired T-case angle and us the jig to pilot the holes
* If needed weld can be added to the output housing to get the angle you require
Transfer-Case Clocking/Rotating on Cherokee (XJ)
* When the T-Case is Rotated you can eliminate the stock transmission cross member and go
with a completely flat skid plate gaining about 2" of ground clearance and gaining a nice smooth
* This skid plate was made out of 2 pieces with over lapping tangs to make the 2 plates act as
* One plate is used to support the transmission the second piece is only to protect the T-case
* A hole was added to allow easy drive shaft removal without taking out the skid plate.
* Spuds were welding thought the XJ "frame rail" for internal bolt installation, so no external
bolts to get damaged.
* The transmission mount still has to get bolted through the skid plate so tube were welded on
to prevent the bold from getting damaged.
* The XJ is very simple to rotate no welding required to the tail housing and you can really see
the difference
Cherokee Stock Suspension Tweaks
* The lower control arm limits the travel and the thin stamped arms are easily damaged from
* The lower control arms can be notched out to allow more travel and the bottom can be plated
to protect against rocks.
* Longer brake lines and shocks the XJ can really flex, the raised rear shock mounts also helps.
* Hard to believe that is stock.
Custom Built Bumpers (XJ)
* The bumpers were build tight to the body for increased approach and deproach angles.
Custom Roll Cages
* Cages can be build off the existing roll bar or can be completely made from scratch.
* Cages can be added to custom modified bodies or internal for race cars.
Rock Slider Rocker Panels
* Stock rocker panels are vulnerable to trail damage.
* We remove the existing rocker panel and install a modified piece of box tubing.
* Drain holes were added the rock slider, ever attempt is made not trap water or mud to reduce
rust problems.
* The tubing is plug welded from the top under the door rails.
* The external is closed up and finished.
* Results in a rocker panel that can act as a rock slider just a 1/2 under the door for maximum
ground clearance.
Adjustable Bump Stop.
* Threaded tube inserts are made to any size
* Welded onto a tub and machined flush
* Tube clam is fabricated
* resulting in an adjustable bump stop
Miscellaneous Fabrication
* NP231 Crawl Box a cost effective way to get the extreme low gears you want
* Oops I didn't have a 23 spline NP231 T-case Input shaft but I have 2 shorts (this worked for a
long time until the case was cracked and replaced with a long 23 spline shaft)
* No flex plate spacer available when converting from standard to automatic just make your own
* Leaf spring mounts
* Custom transmission cross members
* make your own power steering brackets when non are available.
* Donnie Darko Halloween mask sometimes we have fun too.
Frame Modifications
* What do you do when you can only find a CJ-7 frame and you need a CJ-5 frame.
* Remove 10" out of the frame, internally plated for support.
* Frame cross member Notched out for the steering box.
* Rust repair replace 1 1/2 feet section of frame behind the steering box.
* Frame gusset added above steering box for added strenght.
Wheel base stretch (YJ)
* 3 Inch wheel base stretch on a wrangler simply move the leaf springs back 3 inches.
* This helps fender trimming issues, Fenders cannot be trimmed forward no room but plenty of
room backwards.
* Also increases the deproach angle.
* Custom rear cross member was added.
Floorless Jeep
* When the floor is so far gone you can cut the entire floor out support it with angle and use
patch panels to cover the floor easily modified or repaired in the future.
*Both Tie Rod Reamers and Taps (7/8 18 tpi Left and Right hand) so who wants to upgrade to
1 ton Steering?
Leaf Spring Sliders and Shackle Reversal
Disk Brake Conversion
Rust Repair
*Not the most fun work but can be done.